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Manage Your Data by Utilizing the Cloud

Is your offsite data protected and readily available? Utilize the cloud to protect your data and store copies of your backups using cStor’s “Any” to cloud storage service. Cloud Backup provides businesses drop-in access to public cloud storage with local-like performance without changes to the existing backup infrastructure. Simply change the target of the backup…

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Protect Your Data with CommVault to Cloud

Protect your data and secure a copy of your Commvault data in the cloud using cStor’s Commvault to cloud storage service. Your data is safely stored offsite and is available anywhere at any time. Using cStor’s always open, 7x24X365 Commvault to Cloud service. Customers will enjoy the significant and familiar Commvault functionality while leveraging the…

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The Flash Memory Market: ‘Hunger Games’ or ‘Clash of the Titans’?

Flash memory is a hot topic lately. Already one of the biggest innovations in IT, flash has been gaining momentum, within the broader IT market as much as in the datacenter. There’s no arguing that flash has redefined what’s possible in data storage and IT. And as more and more companies validate the space, the demand for flash will surely grow, resulting in more innovation to meet customer needs.

So what exactly is flash?

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