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Dude Looks Like a Lawyer.

by Walt Westfall, Director of IT Transformation, cStor

In a unanimous ruling, a three-judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia held that the insurer’s customers had demonstrated a substantial risk of harm “simply by virtue of the hack and the nature of the data that … was taken.” This ruling gives the customers a right to pursue a class action lawsuit against the insurer regarding their data breach.

Dude Looks Like a LawyerThis will influence …

  • How companies approach and invest in strategy, people, process, and products to Securing assets.
  • How corporations respond to customers whose personal data has been compromised (free credit reporting services are probably not the only answer going forward).
  • A more serious focus on protecting the brand and improving compliance adherence and capabilities.
  • New legal agreements too complex for average people to read that covers the butts of corporations.

I’ll be focusing my teams to help clients understand the playing field and what companies can do to improve their risk and capabilities, particularly in Healthcare, Marketing, and State and Local Government and Education.


Walt Westfall
About Walt Westfall
As the Director of IT Transformation, Walt is responsible for ensuring that the cStor technical pre-sales team provides clients with innovative data center and cloud solutions, as well as thought leadership for healthcare, manufacturing, government, education, retail, insurance, utility and other industries. His technical and business acumen and management expertise stem from years of high-tech and IT business development. His leadership experience includes companies such as NetApp, EMC, WD McMillan Consulting and Sanas Technologies (an application aware data-management software startup business). Walt attended Eastern Washington University along with the Executive and Enterprise Leadership Education Program at Babson College.

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