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6 Ways All-Flash Is Transforming Your IT Infrastructure

6 Ways All-Flash Is Transforming Your IT Infrastructure

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Are you ready to tackle challenges of resource allocation, simplified management, and application predictability at scale? We can help you take IT from how it has been done to the next-generation data center.

How? With a storage operating system built from the ground up.

Consolidate Workloads

Do you have a highly virtualized, mixed workload environment? The first step in transformation is to create one shared platform for all database workloads—one that will enable running thousands of applications, predictably, within a single shared storage system. Do this by molding a single shared storage platform to meet the demands of each of your database architectures.

With an all-flash product like SolidFire, insure database workloads get the resources they need to run properly without the burden of dedicated hardware. At the foundation, support your data model with flexible, scalable, and predictable storage performance.

Boost Efficiency

Stop the time-wasting processes of looking for performance problems or bottlenecks. Plan and install data management efficiencies architected for the modern data center. Ensure predictable performance delivery to hundreds of applications on a single platform.

With a SolidFire flash platform, for instance, you can eliminate silos, transform from dedicated infrastructure to shared environments, and manage performance independently from capacity. This provides comprehensive data reduction from in-line deduplication, compression, thin provisioning, and space-efficient snapshots. Flash at scale is an economic reality and a great opportunity for your data center.

Orchestrate Cloud

How do you ensure performance to every application in the most demanding multi-tenant infrastructures? With proven technology.

A product like SolidFire is the block storage choice for private cloud infrastructures. To assist cloud efficiency, install controls allowing for performance automation and end-user self-service tools. Accelerating self-service and private cloud infrastructure deployment transform IT efficiency.

Protect Assets

Deploying an all-flash storage architecture at cloud scale typically introduces security challenges. Again, tested technology comes to the rescue. An option such as SolidFire has proven, patent-pending data protection and self-healing architecture built-in. 


Deliver capacity and performance on demand. When your data center experiences growing pains, an all-flash solution can help eliminate data migrations, disruptions, downtime. All-flash provides increased infrastructure agility and responsiveness.

Provide a more profitable end-user experience with products like SolidFire that gives you scalability and predictable performance controls to ensure consistent delivery of SaaS and web services. Make sure IT is ready to respond to what customers need when they need it. Don’t get trapped when managing independent storage silos. Ensure flexibility to adapt to any workload demand. Install a scale-out storage platform that expands storage clusters to instantly expand the capacity and performance of your system with SolidFire. Simply add capacity as your business and application demands.

Automate All

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth automating. Get ahead of your business demands. Eliminate manual and overhead storage tasks. With automation and an all-flash system, you can deploy applications and services up to 15x faster than traditional architectures. Automation lets you easily manage your entire storage infrastructure.

Implement a management framework such as SolidFire to provide an intuitive web-based user interface as well as the capability for automating every aspect of storage provisioning, management, and reporting.

Give us a call. We will be glad to assist you in building a system to maintain your data with the highest levels of availability, protection, and security, with architecture designed specifically for cloud-scale, all-flash infrastructures. Catch our presentation and Captain America: Civil War movie premiere on May 6 for more detail.

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