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Protected: Why CEO’s Should Consider Moving Disaster Recovery to the Cloud

For years, companies have deployed Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions in the data center, often at more expense than they wanted, especially for services they hoped they would never have to use. There was little, if any, opportunity to protect their business in smart, more cost-effective ways. Today, Cloud-based disaster recovery solutions have changed that forever. Learn how you can now architect a cloud-based DR solution with minimal fees to have the protection you need around the clock.

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Protected: From “NO” to KNOW! Understanding Demands of the Datacenter

The Chief Information Security Officer, CISO, cannot say “no” to every initiative. Before a request is declined, it is helpful for all concerned to understand the reasons an IT initiative might be declined. From a cStor webinar presentation delivered by Andras Cser of Forrester Research, here is a look at the datacenter demands a CISO must conquer.

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