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Protect the Data Center: Predict, Discover, Prevent.

In this time of 24/7 interconnectivity, security measures are constantly stressed. Data center professionals are driven to stay ahead of the security curve. IT systems must prevent threats by predicting and discovering them before they happen. When thresholds are crossed, it is imperative that IT security systems arrest the threat and contain the damage.

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Forewarned is Forearmed — Actionable Threat Intelligence

Per the Cloud Business Summit, November 2014, it is anticipated that more than 60 percent of enterprises will have at least half of their infrastructure and applications in the cloud by 2018. With the rapid growth of new business solutions, workloads and data, there are clear benefits to cloud adoption driving this shift. With it…

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Smooth Move to NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP

Simplify storage, automate processes, and increase productivity—without missing a beat. NetApp’s Clustered Data ONTAP® (cDOT) helps IT adapt to changing infrastructure needs on-premise or in the cloud, eliminate storage downtime, and speed response to business changes. With cDOT, seamless scalability ensures that clients are well-positioned to support present and future business needs. There is a…

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