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Why ZERO TRUST Should Be Your New Data Center Battle Cry

circuit.board-datacenter.securityCAN’T TRUST THIS! How to build your secure virtualized data center with a Zero Trust approach.

Your network is so last century. It’s okay, so are most organizations’ and they know they have issues too. Many of the networks we use today were designed in the 1980s and 1990s—before worms, trojans, viruses, cybercrime, and data breaches. Then we expanded, like adding neighborhoods to the landscape. And, while most technology has matured and evolved to meet the needs of this new digital age, your network probably hasn’t kept up. All the while, you’re on the lookout for the next cyberstalker trying to penetrate your fortress. It’s time to turn that audit inward, also.

INSIDE AND OUT. Don’t just lookout. Look within. You can’t trust your internal network. Dated systems were built within a castle, thinking that would prevent infection. We are always scrutinizing external networks that could let trouble attack the datacenter. What is necessary is a suspicious eye to your internal network. Look for that imposter—trojan or virus or worm—on the inside. This is a Zero Trust approach to data security.

HOLISTIC. Instead of building a fortress that might or might not thwart the next cyberattack, Zero Trust never assumes a process is self-contained. Zero Trust security controls are a holistic solution to the protection that span firewalls, virtual network infrastructure, and orchestration. With robust embedded protection measures, the networking hierarchy can be secured. This intuitive approach provides immediate insight across all facets of the network—internally and externally.

GENETICS. You can improve on original designs. With Zero Trust architecture, you build security into the very DNA of your network. Like building neuro-pathways to support a new habit, there is three main innovations fuel Zero Trust adoption. From next-generation firewalls to virtual network infrastructure and agile programmability powered by centralized management, Zero Trust protection helps you defend sensitive assets and securely deliver the right services for each user.

Find out more. Join cStor and NetApp for this video: Zero Trust—Build Your Secure Secure Virtualized DataCenter Today! featuring John Kindervag, Vice President & Principal Analyst at Forrester Research. Listen in as he discusses the security benefits of creating a Zero Trust protected software-defined data center. Or just give your cStor expert a call and you can get right on with IT.

About Larry Gentry
Larry Gentry is responsible for providing clients with innovative cybersecurity, infrastructure and cloud solutions for the healthcare, manufacturing, government, education, retail, insurance and utility industries. His business acumen and management expertise stem from years of senior level leadership and high-tech management experience with companies such as Kroger, Kohl’s department stores and Shopko. Larry attended Lewis and Clark College along with Mt. Hood Community College prior to beginning his management career and holds multiple industry certifications. Larry has been involved with the Desert Southwest Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association since 2008, holding past roles of Board Chair, Walk Chair and currently leads their efforts for corporate engagement and sponsorship.
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