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Optimize DevOps to Improve the Customer Experience

Fortune 100 Insurance Provider Utilizes DevOps to Deliver a Better, More Efficient Customer Experience

The Challenge

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As one of the largest insurance providers on the east coast, the Fortune 100 insurance provider serves millions of consumers and businesses globally. They understand that the insurance world is evolving and is leveraging their technical expertise to drive competitive advantage. One of their applications allows customers to pull all the repair shops in a selected radius, choose the one they want, get an estimate of their damage, and request a tow-truck – or even rental car service – to meet them wherever they are. This is one of several applications they launched to dramatically change the user experience and redefine what an insurance company can do for its customers.

The company needed a faster, easier way to bring their application services to market, supporting multiple weekly deployments to get features to market quickly, and providing strong feedback loops for product teams and the business.

The Solution

cStor experts engaged the insurance provider to determine how best to transform the application portfolio, develop a platform from which to rapidly develop and provide services, and a process to seamlessly launch these applications and their surrounding services rapidly onto the platform.

As a forward-thinking company, the insurance provider assured cStor that they were doing internal DevOps. And yet, while they had cloud, DevOps, configuration management and infrastructure teams working together, it was still taking more than 18 months to implement features into production applications.

The Company & Solution Profile


  • Industry: Fortune 100 Insurance Provider


  • Limited Development Capabilities
  • Long Application Development Cycles
  • High Customer Demand for Continuous Improvement


  • IaaS AWS Architecture
  • Consulting and Optimization Services
  • Chef Infrastructure Automation
  • Cloud-Based Self-Service Platform

Business Benefits

  • Drastically Improved Service Delivery
  • Reduced development environments from
  • 45 days to 30 minutes
  • Improved Control and Increased Agility of
  • Production Environment
  • Increased Deployments to 10+ Per Day
  • We look beyond IT
  • Jenkins Automated Unit Tests
  • Docker DC
  • AlienVault and Cyberarc Vulnerability Scanning
  • JFrog Artifactory
  • IBM Business Process Manager
  • Agile Coaching

Download the Case Study PDF

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