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Three Critical IT Trends to Watch in 2016

It’s that time of year when we take a look at goals and refine strategies to make things happen. IT needs are a critical aspect of the plan. What changes in the datacenter will most affect your business? At cStor, we see three main areas every IT professional must consider. And, we bring our expertise to each area in order to assist you in designing, managing, and protecting your data assets.

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One of the Greatest Mistakes cStor Ever Made … and The Lessons Learned

The customer is always right … until they are wrong.  Our customers come to us for our expertise. They outline their needs and goals so we understand the problem. Then we create a solution to meet current and future needs. In one instance, our client wanted a certain level of performance plus the latest equipment…

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Three Cornerstones Give Your Data Center Experience the Silver Lining

cStor Custom Data Center Solutions Fostering our partnership is an essential element of your cStor data center solution. To provide you with the best data center solutions and become a long time partner in your success, cStor constantly strives to improve on expertise and service. Here are three ways we ensure your cStor experience meets…

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