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Technology Chickens and Strategy Eggs… Are You Confused About Which Comes First?

By Walt Westfall, Director of IT Transformation, cStor What if you could create a strategic roadmap to transform your business, would you do it? Allowing technology to drive your transformation strategy is a recipe for higher costs, less than optimal solutions and elongating the transformation efforts. For example, think about the many wasted years some…

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Why Outsourcing Data Backups May Be One of Your Best Moves in 2018

By Pete Schmitt, CTO, cStor It’s not uncommon for our customers to use ‘data backup’ and ‘disaster recovery’ interchangeably, but the truth is, there’s a big difference. While both are mission critical activities today for nearly every business, confusing them is like assuming your cloud storage is going to help you create that PowerPoint presentation…

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