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Why Outsourcing Data Backups May Be One of Your Best Moves in 2018

By Pete Schmitt, CTO, cStor It’s not uncommon for our customers to use ‘data backup’ and ‘disaster recovery’ interchangeably, but the truth is, there’s a big difference. While both are mission critical activities today for nearly every business, confusing them is like assuming your cloud storage is going to help you create that PowerPoint presentation…

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Minimize IT Risks, Deliver IT Value, & Meet IT Requirements With Strategic Information Governance

Whether data is at the center of transactions, references, intelligence or all of the above, it’s more critical than ever for the business to meet governance policies, but it can be a complex can of worms. Make sure you employ these three key considerations for your datacenter information governance strategy.

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Why CEO’s Should Consider Moving Disaster Recovery to the Cloud

For years, companies have deployed Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions in the data center, often at more expense than they wanted, especially for services they hoped they would never have to use. There was little, if any, opportunity to protect their business in smart, more cost-effective ways. Today, Cloud-based disaster recovery solutions have changed that forever. Learn how you can now architect a cloud-based DR solution with minimal fees to have the protection you need around the clock.

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