At cStor, we’re driving business and technology innovation forward.

cStor is in business to put People on a path to Success.

We were founded in 2002 with one simple mission – to solve a challenge for clients that others could not solve in an effort to make those clients successful.

We’ve grown a lot since 2002.  And while the challenges have changed, our mission has not.  Our goal is to understand our client’s unique business challenges then design, architect, implement, and maintain solutions that drive success.  That means People from cStor work with clients, partners, industry consultants – and in some cases, even our competitors – in an effort to ensure clients success.

Because if our clients are successful and our partners are successful, then cStor will be successful.  Yes, we sell best of breed products, but it’s what we do before and after the sale that differentiates cStor from our competition.

It’s how we look Beyond IT.

  • Mission & Vision

    We believe technology is part of a solution and not the end goal. Our mission is to deliver best-of-breed IT solutions to businesses worldwide through a friendly experience to achieve our client’s business objectives.

  • Our Values

    Be the best
    We pursue excellence in every single decision and every action we take. For our company, our clients and our partners.

    We are loyal to our team, clients and our partners. We do what’s right for the long term.

    Reliability and Trust
    cStor must be a reliable and trustworthy brand; a partner that will be there if something unexpected happens.

    cStor is a teamwork-oriented company; an extension of our client; a team that is more than a vendor; a long-term partner of the organization.

  • Our Beliefs

    We believe in the power of our minds, working together as a team.

    We innovate through insightful thinking and professional recommendations, even against a short-term economic interest.

    We don’t sell just hardware, but our knowledge, passion and commitment to help our clients to develop better organizations, helping people to achieve their business goals and vision.

    We work harder, smarter and happier than the rest because we know that this is the only way we can create long-lasting relationships with our clients and partners.

    We always innovate in the way we communicate, as this is the way to express our difference and stand out from our competition.

Our Sustainability Vision

“To develop and utilize sustainable business practices that will benefit future generations and leave a smaller footprint on the world”

To realize this vision, below are some of the actions we have taken.

As a reseller of hardware solutions, cStor works proactively with clients to properly remove and dispose of old electronic hardware in a responsible manner including:

  • Removing old hardware so it no longer requires power and cooling.
  • Reselling hardware to other clients who can still effectively use that solution, thereby extending the lifespan of that product (this is always done with transparency, with previous client’s permission, and the new client’s approval).
  • Recycling old hardware so that components can be efficiently repurposed to create new hardware, thus reducing the volume of old hardware in landfills.

Beyond the hardware-specific sustainability practices, cStor offers a flexible work from home policy that allows associates to work from home on a regular basis, either as a scheduled work from home day, or on an ad-hoc basis as workloads allow. This practice not only reduces the carbon footprint of our company and associates on the environment, it also helps promote a healthy work-life balance for our team. As such, our turnover rates have remained low compared to industry averages.

cStor also practices recycling in all their offices, where available, to ensure as much waste is recycled and reused as possible, versus adding to landfills.

When performing work for clients, cStor continually seeks creative solutions to perform the work remotely, (with client agreement), to lessen the carbon footprint left behind from traveling to and from client locations.

When it comes to sustainability, our goal is on reducing our impact now while maintaining the transparency, quality and integrity that our associates and clients deserve. And with a constant eye on the future of sustainability, we are dedicated to continuing our quest for continuous improvement.

about cStor sustainability
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