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CommVault – Conquer Big Data with Simpana 10 – cStor Webinar April 2014

Challenged by ever-increasing amounts of data, stricter SLAs and decreasing budgets?  Learn how you can modernize your data management strategy and reduce costs with CommVault® Simpana® software.

During this webinar we will be discussing how to lower storage and operations cost, simplify management of your data assets and derive additional value from the data assets you already have to additional key players in your organization. Watch the webinar below and learn how Simpana 10 enables organizations to:

  1. Cut storage-related costs by up to 50%
  2. Reduce administrative overhead by up to 80%
  3. Lower aggregated annual support costs by up to 35%
  4. Protect and archive data 2x faster using Simpana OnePass™
  5. Spend up to 50% less time managing operations with new automation features
  6. Gain up to a 50% increase in productivity with self-service recovery
  7. Reduce discovery time from hours to seconds
  8. Reduce data retrieval time from days to seconds with secure self-service access

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