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cStor Achieves Cisco Advanced Enterprise Networks Architecture Specialization

Specialization enables clients to reduce risk and increase innovation

Cisco Advanced Enterprise Networks Architecture Specialization

Scottsdale, Ariz. Aug. 25, 2020 – cStor, a leading provider of data center, digital transformation, and cybersecurity solutions, announced today that the company has obtained Cisco’s Advanced Enterprise Networks Architecture Specialization.

The Advanced Enterprise Networks Architecture Specialization enables clients to increase their pace of innovation and reduce their risk. cStor achieved the specialization through its in-depth training, sales capabilities, technology skills and service offerings. The specialization focuses on Cisco Software Defined Access (SDA) and SD-WAN solutions required to guide clients on the latest digital network solutions to help them maintain high-levels of performance, security and reliability while reducing costs.

The Cisco Advanced Enterprise Networks Architecture Specialization gives cStor added expertise to assist clients in:

  • Virtualizing to run third-party applications and deliver services on any platform.
  • Automating to speed up application rollouts, reduce risk and free IT staff to innovate.
  • Improving decision making through analyses of users, applications, devices and threats.
  • Managing cloud services to enable fast adoption, on-demand scale and broad partner support.

“By achieving this specialization, cStor is even more well equipped to help our clients transform their networks to meet today’s digital demands,” said Pete Schmitt, CTO of cStor. “Cisco is a key partner for cStor, and we look forward to working with our clients to achieve the best mix of solutions to fit their specific business objectives.”

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cStor helps companies strategize, create and implement data center, digital transformation and cybersecurity solutions that help clients use IT to enable business transformation, reduce costs and gain competitive advantage. cStor’s proven capabilities with key data center, cloud and cybersecurity technologies give clients the ability to collaborate with certified experts, and the confidence to move business forward faster, more efficiently and more securely than ever before. cStor serves clients across the southwest region with a focused, collaborative approach and superior results. For more information, visit

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