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cStor Achieves Cisco Security Specialization in the United States

Specialization supports the company’s proficiency in delivering value-added Cisco security solutions and services

Scottsdale, Ariz. May 31, 2022 – cStor Achieves Cisco Security SpecializationcStor, a leading provider of cybersecurity, modern infrastructure and digital transformation solutions, announced today the company has obtained the Cisco Security Specialization for the U.S. region, recognizing cStor’s ability to proficiently deliver Cisco-based security solutions.

As a Cisco Security Specialist, cStor is an authorized provider of sophisticated, value-added Cisco security-related product and service offerings in the USA. cStor achieved the specialization through in-depth training, sales capabilities, technology skills and service offerings required to sell, design, deploy and support comprehensive security solutions.

With the Cisco Security Specialist designation, cStor receives advanced access to programs, tools and services to support its clients.

“Achieving the Cisco Security Specialization demonstrates cStor has the training and expertise required to meet the growing demand for critical security implementations and support services,” said Pete Schmitt, CTO of cStor. “Our commitment to training and certification of our company and staff is part of our assurance to clients that we will provide reliable, secure, industry-leading IT infrastructure solutions to meet their specific needs now and into the future.”

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cStor helps organizations strategize, design and implement cybersecurity, digital transformation and modern infrastructure solutions and services that address the evolving needs of today’s enterprise. Our proven capabilities with best-in-class technologies provide you with peace of mind and put you on a path to success. cStor serves clients across the southwest region with a focused, collaborative approach and superior results. For more information, visit

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