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cStor Celebrates 15th Anniversary

2017 Marks Company Milestone Delivering Innovative Data Center, Digital Transformation and Cybersecurity IT Solutions

cStor 15th AnniversarycStor, a leading provider of data center, digital transformation and cybersecurity solutions, is proud to announce its fifteenth year serving clients across industry sectors. In an era when IT has evolved so significantly over the past decade, cStor has successfully achieved steady growth by consistently helping clients solve tough IT challenges using best-of-breed technology and deep expertise in its core disciplines.

cStor began operations in 2002 when Bill Nowlin, the company’s founder, launched a data center consulting practice under the name ‘Custom Storage.’ Not long after inception, the company began adding complementary technologies and services beyond storage to expand its problem-solving capabilities as clients faced new IT challenges year after year.

This foundation became the basis for the company’s long-term operating tenants:

  1. Do the right thing for the client;
  2. Remain vendor agnostic to identify the right solution for the unique client needs; and
  3. Build deep expertise in mission-critical areas of IT to offer the best advice.

The company’s early success with the data center practice indicated a compelling market need for highly skilled IT consulting services as well as a way to identify, test and implement the latest technologies while minimizing risk. That quickly led to the addition of other capabilities centered around data center operations, and most importantly, on advancing the company’s expertise and technology partners to help clients through a fast-changing technology landscape.

“We created a culture of innovative problem solving by truly listening to clients, understanding the bigger picture business problems, and by taking a more holistic approach to IT,” commented Bill Nowlin, cStor founder and chairman. “It was absolutely the right move. Our continued success is a testament to that culture, and to our amazing employees, clients and partners—many of whom have been with us since inception. I want to sincerely thank each and every one of them for participating in our meaningful journey.”

cStor is kicking off its anniversary celebrations with an employee and partner appreciation event. For more on cStor, its core capabilities and industry-leading technology partners, visit or call 1.877.278.6781.

About cStor
cStor helps companies strategize, create and implement data center, digital transformation and cybersecurity solutions that help clients leverage IT to enable business transformation, reduce costs, minimize risk and gain competitive advantage. cStor’s proven capabilities give clients the ability to collaborate with certified experts, and the confidence to move business forward faster and more efficiently than ever before. cStor serves clients across the southwest region with a focused, collaborative approach that delivers superior results. For more information, visit or call 1.877.278.6781.

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