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“Do the Right Thing”—10 Key Tenets of cStor Customer Service

cStor Customer Service - Client Focus

What does it mean to do the right thing? For cStor, doing the right thing is directly tied to how we treat our clients. When it comes to applying this concept to cStor customer service it means a few things. As quoted by one of our cStor sales experts:

“The cStor approach to doing the right thing consists of exceeding client expectations and ultimately becoming a trusted advisor. Doing this means taking a dedicated approach to customer service by following a few basic philosophies.”

Our Ten Tenets of Customer Service:

  1. Listen. Understand business requirements and challenges before developing and proposing solutions.
  2. Communicate. Maintain a high level of communication with clients.
  3. Tailor. Create the right solution for the client at the right time.
  4. Respond. Be responsive to client requests and exceed expectations.
  5. Timely. Work at the client’s pace.
  6. Foster. Cultivate trust and demonstrate reliability.
  7. Inform. Becoming a trusted advisor to our clients.
  8. Set Expectations. Acknowledge requests even if we cannot provide an immediate solution.
  9. Build. Focus on long-term relationships rather than short-term deals.
  10. Do the right thing. Maintain integrity.

By following this guideline, cStor builds trust and shows clients that their best interest is always in mind.

“cStor prioritizes quality—no excuses.” Wade Harding, Total Transit

“It’s that trust factor: Knowing they can do the job and knowing they can help us out,” Mike Ruchensky, VP CIO Swift Transportation

At cStor, we do our best to tailor our solutions for what is right for the client, not what might be an easy sell. We use value-added partners to provide the right solution based on the client’s requirements. cStor does not support a set solution but strives to offer a customized approach based on the specific requirements outlined by our clients.

We specialize in data center solutions so clients can focus on their business. Whether implementing virtual desktops or designing a hybrid cloud initiative, from a complete transformation of infrastructure to addressing a specific storage issue, cStor will design a data center solution to meet client needs. From infrastructure strategy and assessment to optimizations to staff augmentation, cStor helps clients create a more cost-effective data center architecture that scales and adapts.  We help architect, procure, implement and integrate data center solutions with a collaborative, knowledgeable and agile service so our clients can focus on their business.

“The one thing I hear a lot from our clients is, ‘You guys really provide top-notch customer service. Even if you don’t have the answer right away you’re always keeping us in the loop’,” says Carolyn Pinckard.

At cStor, we err on the side of over-communicating while we focus on educating and providing feedback. Our mission is to become a trusted advisor for our clients and to always do the right thing. We strive to build and harvest relationships based on excellent data center services and to provide a solution that works best for our clients. That, for cStor, is doing the right thing.

About Larry Gentry
Larry Gentry is responsible for providing clients with innovative cybersecurity, infrastructure and cloud solutions for the healthcare, manufacturing, government, education, retail, insurance and utility industries. His business acumen and management expertise stem from years of senior level leadership and high-tech management experience with companies such as Kroger, Kohl’s department stores and Shopko. Larry attended Lewis and Clark College along with Mt. Hood Community College prior to beginning his management career and holds multiple industry certifications. Larry has been involved with the Desert Southwest Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association since 2008, holding past roles of Board Chair, Walk Chair and currently leads their efforts for corporate engagement and sponsorship.
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