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cStor Project Management Improves Client Satisfaction

by cStor’s Project Management Team

Have you ever asked yourself what the value of Project Management is, or what determines the delivery of a successful project?

Well, I’m here to advise you the answers lie with the involvement of project management and the overall satisfaction of the client.

There are people who do not consider the “value add” of the Project Manager (PM) role and overseeing a project’s completion to the client’s satisfaction. Many see the PM role as a costly service that really isn’t needed. They want to believe there are no risks or issues. They think all requirements gathered are accurate. They assume the services scoped remain intact, and that the resources are readily available. Yet, according to PMI, organizations are wasting nearly $97 million for every $1 billion invested due to poor project performance. The reality is that any of these project-related areas need to be taken into account to prevent a project’s budget, schedule, and quality from a negative impact.

A PM’s role is to manage the project via open communications, raise awareness of risks, and providing mitigation options for any issues that arise. They hold all stakeholders accountable by documenting changes, producing reports and capturing lessons learned. These services are key to a project’s success and are necessary for every project to keep it on track and in scope.

Today’s organizations are relying more and more on project management for the successful delivery of services and client satisfaction. In fact, PMI found that 71% of organizations now employ PMO services to help with projects and strategic initiatives.

Bottom line, if you invest in project management by giving your client that extra touch of extended communications, providing follow through to keep the project on track, and truly show you care about the success and growth of their business, you will retain that client for years to come.

About cStor Project Management Team
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