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Three Cornerstones Give Your Data Center Experience the Silver Lining

cStor Custom Data Center Solutions

cStor Custom Data Center Solutions

Fostering our partnership is an essential element of your cStor data center solution. To provide you with the best data center solutions and become a long time partner in your success, cStor constantly strives to improve on expertise and service. Here are three ways we ensure your cStor experience meets and exceeds expectations.

Persistent Innovation
Innovation is a habit at cStor. We are constantly developing partnerships to provide new features, improved service, different product lines, path-breaking ideas to serve scalable needs in an ever changing frontier. This means you get the most up to date options to manage your data center needs now and with an eye to the future.

Customer Service
At cStor, we commit to keep customers happy, troubleshooting problems in a timely and effective manner, offering maintenance for the product and doing so in a warm and friendly manner. For more detail about our commitment to Customer Service, check out “Do the Right Thing”.

Happy Employees
We expect our cStor team to play a vital role in serving your data center needs. For this, we keep our employees ready to do their best for you. The cStor fair and friendly work culture encourages openness. At cStor, we put in the time and effort to train employees in the latest skills, offer benefits that surpass competition to keep them motivated and make them feel valued. And cStor team players bring their A game to meet or exceed your expectations.

Let’s review your current and future needs to keep the best data center solutions in your corner.

Carolyn Pinkard
About Carolyn Pinkard
As a Senior Account Manager at cStor, Carolyn works closely with clients to help ensure a long-term path to technology success. Her expertise in data center, virtualization, cloud computing and IT means she brings clients deep expertise in enterprise solutions focused on measurable, meaningful business value.

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