A Comprehensive Cybersecurity Program Has Many Key Elements

Strategy, Not Technology, Should Define Your Cybersecurity Roadmap.


Help your organization by giving your security team the resources to protect your assets and support change at the speed of business.


Build continuous improvement into your cybersecurity strategy to promote positive change at every step along the way.


Maximize returns on your cybersecurity investments by deploying the right tools to increase efficiency and eliminate shelfware, overlap and gaps.

In today’s information economy, Cybersecurity is necessary for business.

An ever-increasing proportion of a company’s assets is data – about their customers, their business processes, their operations, their strategies, and more. It is essential that these critical assets are protected to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the information they hold. At the same time, hackers have been improving their skills and upping their game, making every business a potential target.

The security industry is growing to keep pace with these changes. There are countless devices and software products available to solve a problem and help improve your cybersecurity game. Keeping current on with the changes in the industry is hard and it helps to have a trusted partner to help you find the right solutions at the right time to meet address your needs and concerns.

Cybersecurity done well is beneficial for business.

A properly designed and implemented cybersecurity plan can do much more than just keep out the hackers. By protecting critical assets while providing seamless access to only those who need it, business processes can be enabled and often streamlined. Designing systems that can ensure and demonstrate compliance free up valuable human resources to focus on things that matter to the business instead of checking boxes. Building cyber resiliency helps reduce business disruption.

cStor’s framework-based cybersecurity practice was purpose-built help our clients align the right technologies and processes with their people to improve cybersecurity and deliver solid business outcomes. Our cybersecurity experts have extensive, real-world experience – including designing, implementing, and operating enterprise class cybersecurity programs.


Understand your environment to better manage cybersecurity risk and prioritize your strategic efforts.


Apply appropriate safeguards to ensure delivery of critical IT services and mitigate or reduce the impact of possible cybersecurity events.


Improve your ability to rapidly discover cybersecurity events.


Have the knowledge, resources, and playbooks to quickly respond to, and limit the impact of, cybersecurity events.


Plan and build resilience and restoration capabilities to rapidly return to normal operations after a cybersecurity event.

Benefits of a Comprehensive Data Center & Cloud Security Strategy

Improved Compliance

Maintain compliance with industry and other regulations such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, NERC CIP, SOX and others to mitigate risk.

Faster Threat Detection

Close porous gaps in mobile, social media and cloud computing to reduce attack and insider theft risks with a “zero-trust” environment strategy.

Insider Threat Reduction

External attacks garner the most headlines, but a smart security plan helps identify and mitigate insider threats that can be even more damaging.

Improved Availability

Protect the organization while capacity flexes up and down with 24/7/365 availability and built-in redundancies that help ensure applications stay online.

Real DDoS Protection

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are on the rise but advanced cloud security can help stop high-risk traffic aimed at cloud servers.

Better Data Security

Advanced cloud security provides security protocols to protect sensitive information and transactions while preventing a third party tampering.

Reduced Pre-Exploit Risk

Get better intelligence such as auto-monitoring device configurations, vulnerability testing and predictive threat modeling.

Simplified Operations

Apply intelligent automation to simplify security operations and reduce staff burdens while streamlining operations by eliminating tedious, manual tasks.
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