Safeguard Your Business Assets and Application Environment

Cyberattacks against corporate devices and systems are growing by the day as hackers hone their skills against endpoint devices, host servers and applications. Today’s savvy security pros understand the need to proactively identify vulnerabilities before and attack, in addition to having robust solutions in place to detect a security incident, respond quickly to mitigate the risks, and if necessary, remediate.

cStor experts bring you deep cybersecurity knowledge along with best-in-class technologies designed to give you clear visibility into corporate devices, servers and system so you can monitor from a central management point and respond swiftly and effectively in the event of an incident.

Are your corporate devices, host servers and applications fortified?

6 Benefits of an Advanced End Point Security Strategy


Continuously detect and monitor malware, immediately and retrospectively.


Protect Windows operating systems, Macs, Linux, mobile devices, and virtual environments.


Record file activity over time to track malware’s spread and scope a compromise.


Correlate discrete events into coordinated attacks.


Access global threat intelligence to strengthen network defenses.


Gain deep visibility and control to quickly detect, analyze, and remediate breaches.

End Point Security Strategy Should Cover You Before, During & After an Attack

Your endpoint strategy should go beyond point-in-time capabilities to protect your organization before, during and after an attack. Such end point security protection not only prevents breaches but also rapidly detects, contains and remediates threats if they evade front-line defenses, and with the right partner, cost-effectively and without any drag on operational efficiencies.

Chief information security officers (CISOs) and other security executives are finding that the proliferation of mobile devices and cloud services present a significant barrier to effective breach response.

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