The Facts on Data Security

Hackers are becoming more innovative and sophisticated with each passing year. In 2015, an IBM and Ponemon Institute Cost of Data Breach Study estimated the cost of a data breach at a whopping $3.79 million and predicted it will only continue to grow.

Businesses, IT professionals, and individuals must be vigilant when it comes to data protection across the increasing technology landscape used to run today’s business.

Securing Your Data is Getting More Complex By the Day

Cyber Crime Goes Mobile

IOT Adds Complexity

Spear Fishing Continues

Distributed Cloud

Tackling Data Security Challenges in the Real World

Since information technology began running business, security and privacy have been top concerns. But as technology has permeated every aspect of the organization, the need for smart data security and cyber-security strategies that cover web applications, mobile and cloud-based apps is growing ever-more critical.

Big data doesn’t help. Such immense quantities of data from not only internal sources, but shared with external sources, means most organizations realize their exposure and threat level is increasing faster than they can manage.

The Internet of Things (IoT) only compounds the challenge. And although the value of analytics from all of this data is significant, the security and safe storage of it all may trump everything.

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