Define a Data Management Strategy

With exploding data volumes, having a clear data management strategy should be priority number one. That means first understanding the variety and access points for different data types and then aligning them to the appropriate processes.

Turn Secure Data Into Valuable Assets

Data can be an organization’s best competitive weapon, but only if it’s secure, meaningful and accessible. Learn how to modernize your security strategy so you can create powerful data assets that help move the company forward faster.

Innovate Protection & Access Plans

With a sound management and security strategy in place, organizations can then innovate more efficient ways to store, backup and enable anytime, anywhere information access for users across the company, without losing control.

Big Facts About Big Data

big data trends 2016

Data Management & Protection Challenges

data management challenges

Many organizations think data protection is just data backup, but it’s so much more. It starts with understanding your organizations requirements for each type of data. How critical is it to the business? How long could I live without it? If it was not accessible immediately would it cost you money? Where is the data?

Data management can be complicated, time consuming and it’s clearly not a one size fits all type of solution. Smart strategies begin with knowing the ins-and-outs of your unique data requirements including data types, sources, access points, user types, security requirements, etc. And a comprehensive plan should include backup, archive, policy-based retention, search and data tagging to ensure you know where your data is and you can get it when the business needs it.

Using best practices in data management and protection, you can significantly simplify the care and feeding of all of your data, regardless of type, location and access.

Data Management & Data Protection Components
virtualization solutions from cStor

  • Public/Private/Hybrid Cloud Solutions
  • Application Aware (Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, VMware, Citrix and more)
  • e-Discovery
  • Archiving
  • Compliance
  • Data Audit & Classification
  • Consolidation
  • Encryption
  • Behavioral Analytics
  • Data Access Governance
  • Enterprise Search
  • Data Protection
  • Backup & Recovery
  • Replication (asynchronous and synchronous)
  • Business Continuity
  • Multiple Copies
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