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Transforming Your Data Protection Program

With the advent of today’s new cloud technologies, businesses are faster, more dynamic and more data-driven than ever before. However, with these great benefits comes great challenges, putting pressure on IT departments. Businesses rely on larger quantities of more critical data than ever before, making data loss increasingly problematic. Likewise, security threats and natural disasters continue to threaten data centers.

This calls for a new approach to data protection. As the effectiveness of traditional approaches wanes, technology innovations and the cloud are creating new possibilities for data protection. cStor can help you uncover the best new Data Protection technologies to help you optimize your data protection program.


Backup & Disaster Recovery

Safeguard data by making offline copies of the data to be restored in the event of disaster or data corruption to mitigate risks and minimize downtime in the event of an incident.

Remote Data Movement

Protect against physical damage to systems and buildings by managing real-time or near-real-time data movement to a location outside the primary storage system or to another facility.

Storage System Security

Apply best practices and security technology to the storage systems to augment server and network security measures so protections span every aspect of data usage, access and archive.

Data Lifecycle Management

Automate movement of critical data to online and offline storage including data moving to a final, real-only state and moving data to different types of storage depending on age.

Information Lifecycle Management

Create a strategy for valuing, cataloging and protecting information assets to fuel business needs, meet compliance mandates and improve business decisioning.


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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning
for IT Professionals, by Susan Snedaker; Richmond House Group; National Archives and Records Administration in Washington

Backup and Recovery

Today’s virtualization and cloud environments provide increased flexibility and agility, making your data easily and quickly accessible. Your systems are reconstructed using the most up-to-date version of your data and rebuilt in a virtualized environment, making for fast and easy machine provisioning. Once all data and applications have been recovered, your employees gain secure access to the recovered systems quickly so they can resume operations as normal.

cStor will work with you to help you select the optimal solution for your Backup and Data Recovery needs, helping you to:

  • Significantly reduce cost and complexity
  • Provide a range of cloud options (public, private, hybrid) to fit your specific needs
  • Easily scale and adapt based on shifting needs or resources
  • Conform to the latest compliance standards

Business Continuity

Business Continuity focuses on creating plans of action and systems to prevent negative consequences of threats and disasters from occurring. Business Continuity is critical to ensuring business remains uninterrupted and mission critical services remain running at all times.

Today’s businesses are challenged with creating a Business Continuity system that can stand up to accelerating data growth, complex data systems, organizational scaling, and varied data locations. Add to that a disparate combination of old-school and emerging solutions, and businesses are challenged with a quickly evolving Business Continuity landscape.

cStor can help you cut through the complexity to help you find the optimal solution to meet all your Business Continuity goals including:

  • Analysis
  • Solution Design
  • Implementation
  • Maintenance


Today’s IT departments must deal with accommodating and storing rapidly expanding data sources. Since primary storage may be more limited and cost-prohibitive for long-term storage, businesses can archive their older, less accessed data to save money and free storage space. cStor can offer your organization an archival solution to help you:

  • Creatively classify data for archiving preparation
  • Provide long term data retention
  • Cost-effectively store required data
  • Conform with regulatory and compliance mandates


cStor offers data replication services for multiple sites, servers, databases or data sources, ensuring accuracy, consistency and efficiency of your data protection program. cStor replication services help you:

  • Replicate data to disk or other asset
  • Provide real-time or near real-time replication (Business Continuance)
  • Restore subsets of data for Disaster Recovery scenarios
  • Simplify application and other forms of testing

Multiple Copies

Providing multiple copies of data has become common practice for any company that needs to store or access data. Multiple copies ensure your data is readily available as part of your Business Continuity plan. Code and data can quickly be restored from the media to production servers. Data copies are commonly used for backup on premises, off premises, and in the cloud, as well as for testing, migrations, business continuance and disaster recovery. Data is often mirrored to other locations, leveraging any one of several technologies. cStor can help you find an optimal solution to for your multiple copy needs including:

  • Need analysis and definition
  • Efficient management of your multiple copies
  • Compliance and regulatory fulfillment
  • Optimization of your data protection program
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