Like A Superhero, FlexPod® Works In A Flash! Why ZERO TRUST Should Be Your New Data Center Battle Cry.

Data Fabric DataCenter SolutionsWith Data Fabric, you’ll be well suited for every opportunity.

When considering how to fashion your datacenter it is good to consider the big picture. Take a look. Get insightful about the expanding digital frontier and emerging industry dynamics. This understanding is critical to designing your data center. As technology continues to emerge as an essential element of almost every daily task, we will need to ensure scalable, agile, robust systems to deliver on demand. For this, a good choice is Data Fabric.

Data Fabric is a distributed, memory-based data management platform. Weaving threads of resources cluster-wide to manage behavior—application data and logic, Data Fabric seamlessly delivers.

Every touch point is an opportunity to store, fetch, sort, analyze and deliver data. IT users expect security, convenience, personalization, and speed. Your datacenter ecosystem should be built to deliver around these core values.

Data Fabric expands on what a cloud model means – self provisioning, elastic growth, a service-driven operating model. The cloud makes it easy to scale incrementally, adapt to growing needs, and to align with varied demand. And Data Fabric stitches it all together. Innovate without constraints across your choice of hybrid cloud resources with Data Fabric.

With Data Fabric, you’ll be well suited to optimize today’s workloads, prepare for your hybrid cloud future. Data Fabric will help you stay up-to-date as the landscape of 2016 and beyond promises to be more complex than ever. Style your data center with Data Fabric solutions. Contact us for more information tailored to your needs.

Catch our webinar on February 17: Future of Data Center in the Cloud.

Walt Westfall
About Walt Westfall
As the Director of Business Development, Walt is focused on business growth among cStor’s largest partners. He brings 30 years of experience in high-tech and IT business development. Westfall is charged with leveraging his expertise in IT, storage, digital transformation and cybersecurity to help clients understand where to go with their infrastructure and how to manage, share and protect their data to provide the most ROI. His technical and business acumen and management expertise stem from years of high-tech and IT business development. His leadership experience includes companies such as NetApp, EMC, WD McMillan Consulting and Sanas Technologies (an application aware data-management software startup business). Walt attended Eastern Washington University along with the Executive and Enterprise Leadership Education Program at Babson College.

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