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cStor Launches CyberWise Educational Webinar Series to Combat Fast-Evolving Cybersecurity Threat Landscape

Leading experts to share best practices in cybersecurity strategies and latest technologies

CyberWise Webinar SeriesScottsdale, Ariz. May 12, 2021 – cStor, a leading provider of data center, digital transformation, and cybersecurity solutions, announced today the launch of the CyberWise five-part educational webinar series. The series features top cybersecurity experts sharing valuable information on current cyber threats, how companies can gain actionable insights and best practices to secure today’s organizations no matter what their size.

Compromises, security breaches and ransomware attacks are increasing in frequency and severity for government agencies, corporations and small businesses alike – meaning no organization is excluded from becoming a target of cybercrime. As cybercriminals advance their strategies, their malicious activities have become undetectable to the untrained eye, exploiting both trusted relationships and key vulnerabilities within the network. As their tactics and techniques continue to evolve, organizations need the knowledge to adequately shore up their strategy and programs.

Registration is free for qualified cybersecurity or technology practitioners. To register, click on the links below. All webinars begin at 3:00 pm PDT.

May 19: Cracking the Code to Advanced Data Encryption: The Key to Cloud Security
June 16: Exposing Your Unprotected Data: Key Trends and Best Practices
July 14: Recovering from a Ransomware Attack: How Today’s Data Protection Keeps You Operating After an Attack
August 11: SOC for All: Making SOC a Priority for Businesses of All Sizes
September 1: Protecting Your Email Perimeter: Core Strategies to Block Threats and Prevent Data Loss

“cStor is committed to helping organizations properly protect themselves against the onslaught of cyberattacks,” said Andrew Roberts, chief cybersecurity strategist, cStor. “By arming IT and security practitioners with the latest knowledge, and with proper investment in industry-leading technologies and services, organizations will be better equipped to protect their customers, data and businesses.”

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