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Five IT Themes You Should Be Focusing On Now

image001Five IT Themes You Should Be Focusing On Now

by Larry Gentry, President & CEO, cStor

Attention to detail is always important for success. Here are themes that continue to command attention from IT and business as the frontier of data management continues to expand.

The focus is on people-centric solutions where even small things matter. Make sure that virtual desktops work so the team can move on to more strategic things. Be responsive to clients and customers in all transactions. Uphold integrity. Collaboration is a key consideration in serving people at every touchpoint of business transactions. Strategic partnerships are critical to success going forward. At cStor, we always put people first and have been building solid partnerships with experts like Terra Verde, House of Brick, Xentaurs, Part Time CIO, to bring a deep level of expertise for our clients.

The business model has changed over the last few years, and it will continue to emerge. According to VMWare, more than 50% of organizations are already using or planning a move to a hybrid cloud. The model is evolving around core system data center solutions such as converged architecture and hyper-converged architectures extended by networks and cloud-based solutions. It requires robust integration layers to facilitate moving data among platforms. It is about making IT accessible and consumable. It’s the building blocks that are required to really utilize cloud-based solutions effectively.

Mobile is one of the main drivers of IT demand. From employees working on-the-go to meeting customer requirements, everyone uses mobile. It is becoming central to day-to-day dealings. You’ve got to be there, delivering applications to mobile. And it is only going to grow. This will require that IT simplify interfaces and become proactive from a service point of view. Accessing data, keeping it secure and ensuring your teams can be productive are the keys we are helping clients achieve. We know all our people want it, but ensuring data security is the key.

Business is moving at the speed change, bursting into the cloud. It is no longer the case that capital investment is a traffic jam since the ability to scale with flexibility and immediacy is critical to keeping up with the ever-changing business frontier. When getting out of aging infrastructure and moving to the cloud, risk mitigation around legacy technology brings us to the focus on cyber-security. Cloud is not a buzz word, it’s here to stay. Figuring out when the cloud is the correct usage vs. on-premise is what cStor and all our clients are working on today.

IT professionals and all business disciplines agree about the need to protect information assets. Cyber-security is a growing concern. While simplifying interfaces of tools and technologies to make it easier for people to use, we will require continued focus on data protection. We are all being attacked every day! Understanding how to prevent an attack, how to monitor activity while an attack is going on and then getting back to a stable state once an attack has been quarantined/controlled is what we are helping our clients do with security solutions like Tru-SOC.

At cStor, we monitor the ever-changing landscape of technology. We bring together the best partners and the latest advancements to ensure creating a data center solution to best meet your needs. Contact us today to set up an appointment with a cStor expert.

Larry Gentry
About Larry Gentry
Larry Gentry is responsible for ensuring cStor provides its customers with innovative data center and cloud solutions for the healthcare, manufacturing, government, education, retail, insurance, utility and other industries. His business acumen and management expertise stem from years of senior level leadership and high-tech management experience with companies such as Kroger, Kohl’s department stores and Shopko. Larry attended Lewis and Clark College along with Mt. Hood Community College prior to beginning his management career and holds multiple industry certifications. Larry has been a member of the board of directors for the Desert Southwest Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association since 2009, where he currently serves as Vice-Chairman.

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