cStor Celebrates 15th Anniversary 9 Reasons to Conduct a Network Assessment *Before* You Regret Not Doing It

Happy Birthday cStor

Happy Birthday cStorHappy Birthday cStor

by Christopher Krueger, Data Center Practice Leader, cStor

cStor was born this month in 2002. From day one, our mission was to help people more effectively protect their critical data. We relied on the best people, processes and technology available to make it happen. We approached the market with the mindset of putting client interests first, aiming to make a positive impact for them. We believed our path to success will be paved from this and this alone. It is a simple principle to adopt… tough to execute.

Our business has grown and changed quite a bit since 2002. So has the tech gadgetry we use – artificial intelligence, drones, mobile phones, social media, and cool robots are all changing how we live and work. However, through the years and all the tech innovations, our mission has remained effective and rock solid: put the client’s interest first and do what’s right for them. Our mutual success will continue to pave the path of success to the future… where robots and artificial intelligence eventually allow us to play more golf, live healthier and happier lives, and find new and compelling uses for duct tape, I assume.

Thank you to every client for choosing to do business with us.

Thank you to every “cStorian,” present and past, for your contribution to our mission.

Thank you to the people who bring the world’s best technology to life for our clients.

    Christopher Krueger
    About Christopher Krueger
    As Director of Account Management at cStor, Christopher Krueger leads a well-respected team of Account Managers serving discerning Government, Education, SMB, and Enterprise clients. Since joining cStor in 2004, he has passionately tackled many roles and challenges, contributing to cStor’s ever-growing accomplishments and reputation with clients and partners.

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