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5 Reminders for a Smart Cybersecurity Strategy

lock-data-centerHave no fear: Secure your data center. It’s not just a concern for enterprises. According to the National Cyber Security Alliance, one in five small business owners falls victim to cybercrime each year. And, 60 percent of these victims go out of business within six months of the attack.

Increasingly sophisticated security breaches and more stringent government regulations, create new demands for storage security. Storage security challenges continue to evolve with the explosive growth in data and especially sensitive data that needs protection. Add to that the evolution of shared and virtual environments. Collaboration across cloud-based apps requiring access accounts for each user expands the potential for attacks. Protect against unauthorized access of confidential data with hi-performance non-disruptive data encryption.

  • Guard offline data archives
  • Secure connections to cloud service and infrastructure
  • Validate the security of the cloud environment
  • Control access to data in shared and virtual environments
  • Strengthen existing security with additional access controls

It is not only big businesses that are targeted. Increasingly, hackers see small businesses as weak points—easier to breach than large organizations. Attackers hack in and capture user credentials that might be useful otherwise.

Threat detection and prevention plus unrelenting protection will help prevent, guard and defend against data breaches. Best practices require a single platform combining intelligent technologies and impregnable solutions to shield the data center.

Check out this 30-minute video from our webinar — cStor along with NetApp and SafeNet — Be Paranoid About Protecting Your Data. Find out how you can deliver high-performance, nondisruptive data encryption to protect you against unauthorized access of critical and confidential data.

Check out this video for more information: Advanced Persistent Threat Detection & Prevention.

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