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IT & BC/DR Strategies

— from a presentation at the Arizona Technology Summit hosted by cStor

image002In most medical environments, it is critical to keep all data center functions running. There is no room for downtime during system glitches or to allow for backups and upgrades. This is why Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) processes are essential.

For Drew Burnett, Manager IS Systems and Networking at Tucson Medical Center, the process with cStor was all about the plan. And make sure to engage the right technology to meet needs.

Plan. Plan. Plan.
To make migration work, it is crucial to map out the transition. Then, challenge your plans. Use non-disruptive and actual tests. Strive for perfection. Make sure to engage the right technology to meet needs.

Data migration usually comes with a complete conversion of the current infrastructure. For Tucson Medical Center, NetApp cDOT (clustered Data ONTAP) provided the solution. cDOT provided read-write cache from flash. It allowed for non-disruptive operations, seamless scalability and zero downtime. And, cDOT supports the ability to service hardware without disruption.

For cStor, NetApp cDOT was the right move for our client, Tucson Medical Center. And, in the words of a satisfied client: “We are a NetApp shop.” —Drew Burnett

For more information about cDOT, check out these videos: Modernize Your DataCenter With cDOT and Transitioning to NetApp cDOT.

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