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Like A Superhero, FlexPod® Works In A Flash!

Like A Superhero, FlexPod® Works In A Flash!

flexpodSUPERHEROWhen computer systems underperform, users feel like Lois Lane in a crunch waiting for Superman. With FlexPod, you can add superhero strength and agility to your data center.

NetApp all-flash arrays deliver fast, consistent response times to accelerate high-performance databases without compromise. Data center trends indicate a sweeping shift to shared infrastructure and cloud computing.

Often, robust technologies such as flash are installed to meet the performance demands of the enterprise. This means faster, actionable results for users. From handling a large number of short online transactions via Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) to very complex queries that involve aggregations via Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), results are accurate and timely. This means an improved user experience for customer-facing (interacting or communicating directly with customers) and for decision support systems (analytics, operations and planning). You can easily scale up or out to meet the demands of your enterprise applications. With a broad set of FlexPod validated designs, deployment of infrastructure and applications is almost faster than a speeding bullet.

When you need to “flex” the environment to suit business requirements: More Compute? More Storage? More Bandwidth? With FlexPod, you have the muscle to make it happen in weeks, not months with minimized disruption of business.

And, FlexPod is efficient. Installing FlexPod yields reduced costs from consolidated physical servers and database licenses. Additionally, FlexPod all-flash arrays helps reduce power, footprint, and cooling by 95% versus disk-based arrays. Plus, with FlexPod, you can slash administration time, simplify IT operations, and automate tasks with a consistent set of tools.

Maximize responsiveness and elevate the way your IT department delivers value—all-flash like a superhero. Simplify operations and deliver superior application performance with pre-validated FlexPod data center solutions.

Ask us how you can strengthen your data center with FlexPod. Contact your cStor expert. And for more information, check out our FlexPod Microsite or one of these other resources: FlexPod for the Private Cloud <video>, and FlexPod and Desktop Virtualization Infrastructure.

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