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Smooth Move to NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP

ONTAP1Simplify storage, automate processes, and increase productivity—without missing a beat. NetApp’s Clustered Data ONTAP® (cDOT) helps IT adapt to changing infrastructure needs on-premise or in the cloud, eliminate storage downtime, and speed response to business changes. With cDOT, seamless scalability ensures that clients are well-positioned to support present and future business needs.

There is a significant opportunity to help clients with migrations. And cStor ensures the transition is smooth. Clustered Data ONTAP helps clients maintain business today, and provides the foundation to transform with future business needs. The three key benefits of Clustered Data ONTAP (cDOT) are ease of non-disruptive operations, seamless scalability and efficient management.

Non-Disruptive Operations (click to tweet)
No more planned downtime! With cDOT, data can move dynamically within the cluster allowing non-disruptive operations and maintenance without downtime — so business can carry on while scaling to meet growing demand.

Seamless Scalability (click to tweet)
Scale up or scale out to meet your needs. When business requirements change or grow, cDOT allows for adding controllers or capacity without a major overhaul. Cloud-readiness gives your data center flexibility. With cDOT, IT can scale capacity, performance, and operations, regardless of application. And, it can happen uniformly, without disruption.

Efficient Management (click to tweet)
Reduce administrative tasks by as much as 75%. cDOT lets IT perform lifecycle operations—refresh, storage maintenance, and software upgrades—without application interruptions. cDOT has proven efficiency in managing all storage in the cluster as a single entity and being able to assign varying classes of service to different workloads. This allows for non-disruptive operations so IT can carry on alongside business.

Clustered Data ONTAP is the future cloud-ready platform for your internal, external, or hybrid cloud, providing enhanced scalability and non-disruptive operations to your business. Existing users of NetApp have benefited from storage virtualization to eliminate silos of capacity and performance, and have also benefited from the comprehensive storage-reduction technologies. Clustered Data ONTAP elevates these capabilities to a new level.

Let cStor confidently guide you through the transition to Clustered Data ONTAP with an understanding of the ultimate success criteria for your business. cStor has successfully completed transitions to CDOT from small to very large environments. We are successful because in addition to our excellent engineering team, we have access to our entire partner community. We will provide the best resources to ensure a successful transition for your business, your applications, your platform, all the way down to your hardware. Check out this video for more information. And join us for a Webinar: Modernize with cDOT Wednesday, August 12, 2015.

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