Get the Tools & Expertise You Need to Fortify the #1 Social Engineering Attack Vector: Email

Learn how to mitigate your risks with advanced email security solutions designed to defend against an ever-changing threat environment.

Today's Evolving Cyber Threats Demand New Security Strategies

cStor - Email Security Health Check Report - MimecastToday, creating and planning an email security strategy is more complex than ever before. New attack types are presenting themselves almost daily, and many companies are struggling to keep their security posture up to speed with such fast-evolving threats. Where do you turn? How do you know the best next step?

cStor can help you with that! Our Email Security HEALTH CHECK, conducted by our team of experts, includes a thorough evaluation of your Mimecast implementation – including feature and configuration setup – all in the context of your unique environment. The result is a detailed report that identifies strengths and vulnerabilities allowing for intelligent remediation measures and ultimately improving your cyber defenses.

Mimecast - Email Security Health Check Report Example - cStor

Attacks Via Business Email Are On the Rise & Costing Organizations Time & Money


of all malware is delivered via email


of all reported security incidents are phishing


average cost of a data breach

Source: CSO Online, Top Cybersecurity Facts & Figures

Delta Dental - cStor

Hear How cStor Helped Delta Dental® Create an Advanced Email Security Strategy

“We had a solid email security plan that we needed to modernize in order to better protect against the new attack methods that are changing literally every day. With cStor and Mimecast, we’ve been able to deploy multiple protocols, employee education and a proven technology solution that takes our protection to the next level. This is a big shift in our cyber strategy.”
John Bruley, Director of IT, Delta Dental

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Featured Video:  How to Set Up Mimecast Threat Remediation Feature

In this video, we’ll show you how to setup and configure the Internal Email Protect tool, which is Mimecast’s threat monitoring and remediation service for internally generated email, delivered as a purely cloud-based security service.

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Download the ManageWise Solution Brief

ManageWise for Mimecast from cStor is a complete on-demand IT service offering designed to provide clients a flexible and affordable way to administer your day-to-day email security solution and routine maintenance. Configured based on your specific environment and Mimecast implementation, our ManageWise services will help mitigate your risks from malware, phishing and other email-based attack vectors so you can focus on running your business with confidence. Download the solution brief now to learn more.

As a new breed of IT service, ManageWise will help relieve tension between IT and the business by striking a healthy balance of stability and agility, providing the resources to keep existing infrastructure strong while enabling business growth.

ManageWise for Mimecast Service Brief - cStor email security solutions
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