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Minimize IT Risks, Deliver IT Value, & Meet IT Requirements With Strategic Information Governance

IT datacenter - cstorWith data at the center of transactions, references, and intelligence, the need to keep up with business demand and meet information governance is paramount. It can be a complex can of worms to collect and contain. There are a variety of tools available to help govern data while supporting your network. When designing your data center strategy, it is important to meet these three considerations.

Minimize Risk. Simplify to eliminate complexity. Manage data in alignment with changing business requirements and regulatory environments by incorporating a holistic information governance program. Using a holistic solution for information governance will help you determine whether data should be kept or discarded. Keep the right information for a length of time – and then properly and compliantly dispose of everything else with confidence that regulatory needs are fulfilled. Design your data center to keep IT ahead of threats while remaining vigilant in maintaining compliance.

Deliver Value. Organizations must store and protect regulated data or face major fines. And, companies must meet day-to-day business needs. This requires an IT solution that provides the assurance of information governance without hindering performance or productivity. Understand where data lives and how it is used. Design your information governance program with discovery capabilities that ensure relevant information is preserved, protected, and searchable.

Meet Requirements. Set policy-driven rules based on policies and regulations you define to best meet your business requirements. Achieve intelligent retention with deep insight into the data you retain. Ensure geolocation and data sovereignty rules apply for all off-site storage. Employ best practices and actionable resources so you can rely on your comprehensive data management plan. Support the business, focus compliance efforts on success—fundamentals of compliance that currently apply to financial controls, information security or third-party risk management are just as applicable to customer-interfacing functions.

Let us assist you in designing your information governance program. We can help ensure that your company will keep the right information for the right reasons and for the right amount of time. From strategy to design to implementation, we are IT at your service.

About Chris Castro
Chris is a Solutions Architect with more than 15 years of experience in the IT industry. His strengths include storage solutions, virtualization, converged stacks, and disaster recovery and business continuance planning. He works with clients to ensure they have long-term success by meeting business objectives with the correct technology partners.
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