NetApp Cloud First Partner

Design, Implement and Optimize Your Cloud Environment with cStor's Certified Cloud Experts

Today’s businesses can no longer rely on a single cloud model to accomplish everything they need, but designing, implementing and optimizing a multi-cloud approach can be daunting. As a NetApp Cloud First Partner, cStor is equipped to help you integrate and optimize your cloud services across public, private and hybrid cloud networks in order to make your digital transformation experience faster, easier and more effective.

cStor can help you craft an infrastructure solution that drives performance while enabling scale and flexibility. With extensive experience architecting and implementing NetApp cloud solutions, cStor can help you achieve your specific business objectives and determine what to move to the cloud. We will help you determine the best timing for shifting your resources, as well as what to keep on-premise, to help you improve agility, reduce the cost of your cloud platform, accelerate innovation and positively impact your business outcomes.

Our solutions are designed to help you:

  • Integrate data across public and private clouds
  • Leverage best-in-class solutions from multiple vendors while future-proofing investments
  • Simplify how your users consume, deploy, and manage infrastructure, providing a cohesive experience across clouds
  • Optimize and automate management and maintenance of your multi-cloud environment

Contact us today to find out how we can help you get the most from your cloud initiatives and transform your multi-cloud environment into a future-proof strategy.

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