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The Skinny on Optimizing Desktop Virtualization Solutions – VDI

So what is VDI and why should one consider optimizing desktop virtualization solutions? What if one of your employees either lost or had their laptop stolen? That is a pretty compelling reason to employ a VDI solution, right? Virtual desktop infrastructure is the idea of hosting a desktop operating system within a virtual machine running on a centralized data server.  This negates the impact on the end-user when a negative event happens.  It’s also what makes the cloud a viable alternative for organizations that want to reduce costs, protect data, streamline their processes and improve performance. The virtualization strategy can also help improve business continuity through the use of virtualization management tools built into the software, which can negate those pesky compelling events.  In addition it negates soft costs like disabled virus updates, refreshes and security updates.

Some of the key benefits of VDI can include the following:

  1. Management that helps companies streamline updates from the cloud and makes it easier for a company to manage all of its users
  2. Security and protection of data and intellectual property
  3. Simple OS migrations
  4. Technological independence
  5. Enable the end-user to have the look and feel that they want and need

Our VDI solution helps clients by delivering integrated products and services for an effective and affordable virtualization strategy.  Some of our areas of expertise include server, storage and network virtualization, virtualizing business-critical applications, automation of virtualized environment and integration of virtualized environments with cloud providers. This ultimately means a more comprehensive solution for our clients.

In the current VDI space VMware Horizon View and Cisco Unified Data Center deliver some of the best and most scalable solutions. Their solutions simplify management and help to optimize user experiences. These VDI solutions are fully integrated with VMware vCenter and offer the following:

  1. The industry’s fastest-growing blade server solution and the most widely adopted virtualization platforms
  2. A superior price-to-performance ratio that helps organizations grow deployments to match business demands
  3. A simplified provisioning and operations model that can spin up virtual desktops in minutes instead of hours or days
  4. Uncompromised user experiences across user devices and locations, delivered across a QoS-enabled data center and network
  5. An accelerated path to ROI with competitively priced infrastructure and software that reduces VDI deployment risks and initial capital outlay

By leveraging our knowledge and our experience cStor ensures the virtualized environment you deploy works for you. We also make sure it’s fully automated to reduce both the cost and complexity so you can focus on what matters;  growing your business.

Watch the webinar below to discover more about the benefits of optimizing desktop virtualization and VDI and adding the newest tool in your toolbox.

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