Looking for an Anti-Phishing Technology to Help Protect Your Business from Growing CyberSecurity Threats?best phishing vendors review Download Our Free Anti-Phishing Technology Report.

Expert studies show that small and mid-size businesses are easy targets for cyber attacks such as Phishing. They are less likely to have updated programs, policies, technology and resources to defend against modern cyber attacks. Many organizations also lack the ability to recover from financial theft or a massive data breach that may result in millions of dollars in fines.

Research shows that 91% of cyber attacks begin with a Phishing or Spear Phishing attack.

Over the last few years, many Phishing vendors have emerged. Each one tackles the problem a little differently, and each has its own unique strengths. To help businesses through the process of choosing the right one for you, we’ve created our in-depth, round-up review report that includes a detailed capabilities assessment as well as a platform feature/function scorecard.

Although there are many vendors on the market today, we focus our review on three of the most mature platforms:

  1. Wombat Security Technologies
  2. PhishMe
  3. Phishbite

Download our free vendor round-up report to educate your team so you can make the best decision possible about an anti-phishing platform that’s right for you.

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Wombat Security Technologies

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