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cStor Awarded State of New Mexico IT Professional Services Contract

Contract enables participating state agencies to procure IT services from qualified, vetted contractors

New Mexico IT Professional Services ContractAlbuquerque, NM. January 16, 2020 – cStor, a leading provider of data center, digital transformation, and cybersecurity solutions, announced today that it has been selected for the State of New Mexico IT Professional Services contract.

The contract began December 9, 2019 for a two-year renewable term under the Information Technology Professional Services Statewide Price Agreement (ITPS SWPA) #90-00000-19-00065. The statewide price agreements (SWPA) provide the State of New Mexico executive, judicial and legislative branches of government, as well as local governments and public educational entities, the ability to contract with cStor for Information Technology Professional Services. The SWPA’s scope enables cStor to provide IT Project Management, Planning and Analysis Services; Systems Administration Services; Network Services; and IT Security Services.

cStor brings to the state extensive experience evolving and scaling IT operations and leveraging the cloud to take advantage of the efficiencies new technology can bring. Examples of professional services include planning and orchestrating IT infrastructure transformations, managing systems and processes, end-to-end implementations, designing and managing comprehensive security plans, data consolidation and migration, and much more.

“With nearly 20 years of experience serving state and local public sector clients, cStor is well equipped to provide a full range of IT professional services to best meet each public client’s specific needs and budget,” said Larry Gentry, cStor president and CEO. “Our professional services help our public sector clients create a cost-effective, productive IT environment that not only serves their current needs but prepares them for the evolving needs of tomorrow.”

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cStor helps companies strategize, create and implement data center, digital transformation and cybersecurity solutions that help clients use IT to enable business transformation, reduce costs and gain competitive advantage. cStor’s proven capabilities with key data center and cloud technologies give clients the ability to collaborate with certified experts, and the confidence to move business forward faster and more efficiently than ever before. cStor serves clients across the southwest region with a focused, collaborative approach and superior results. For more information, visit

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