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Protect the Data Center: Predict, Discover, Prevent

detect-507811_640In this time of 24/7 interconnectivity, security measures are constantly stressed. Data center professionals are driven to stay ahead of the security curve. IT systems must prevent threats by predicting and discovering them before they happen. When thresholds are crossed, it is imperative that IT security systems arrest the threat and contain the damage.

Vulnerabilities can appear in many ways across processing systems, remote storage, and shared files. To guard the data center, IT professionals must monitor every facet of the network.

Recently, Palo Alto Networks researchers discovered critical vulnerabilities that posed a threat to service provider networks. The threat was effectively disarmed. “By proactively identifying these vulnerabilities, developing protections for our clients, and sharing them … for patching, we are removing weapons used by attackers to compromise enterprise, government and service provider networks.” Predicting activity, monitoring systems, identifying threats help to fortify protection for the data center.

This is another step in the right direction of data center security. At cStor, we take every measure to ensure that systems have the right defense to shield against data center attacks.

About Pete Schmitt
As the lead for technology and engineering, Pete researches new and emerging technology to ensure that his team is at the forefront of technology trends and best practices so that they can deliver the best possible technological solutions to clients. He brings an extensive background in information technology, customer service, and professional services and is known for delivering second-to-none customer experiences—a philosophy that is directly attributable to the company's longstanding success and reputation.
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