Educational organizations want to improve their student’s success and overall experience. Teachers at all levels want to teach. Better IT solutions can help educational organizations achieve these objectives by ensuring they maximize their resources, reduce costs while always working to improve students’ success. Since 2002 we have been helping educational organizations that include some of the largest universities in the US, to K-12 and local community colleges ensure they deliver an overall great experience for their students and teachers. We have helped them maximize their IT solutions and investments so that they can adapt to the ever changing requirements of today’s students.

Whether it is a virtual desktop deployment to reduce costs and complexity, a mobility project so students can learn on any device, providing a highly redundant data center so there is no downtime and learning is not interrupted or ensuring students can upload their homework 24×7 we can help you achieve your organizations objectives and let you focus on ensuring your student’s success.

At the end of the day it’s not about IT, it’s about how IT can help educators teach more effectively so they can ensure students have academic success. At cStor, we understand the goal is academic success and a great student experience, that’s why we’ve been helping educational clients achieve that for years.

Our expert team takes the time to understand your current IT challenges and design the right solutions to meet those challenges. Leverage our expertise and experience with impactful IT solutions that will help ensure you’re ready for not only today’s students, but also prepared to help lead your institution into the future.

cStor State of AZ network equipment for government master blanket contract

Our Mission for the Public Sector

We make it easy for your organization to procure and deliver smart, effective IT solutions that reduce costs and help you work more efficiently. cStor can deliver IT solutions on variety of agency-specific contracts to help ensure you get what you need, how
you need it.

Educational Clients

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