Move Data with Precision, Security & Speed

Using cStor’s expert data migration services, you can ensure a fast, smooth transition. Our proven methodology helps reduce costs, speed return on investment, reduce downtime risk, improve performance and offers a safeguard on application availability. It also means end-users experience minimal to no impact during everyday operations, helping to keep the business running at peak performance throughout the process.

Experience you can trust.

  • Reduce Costs

    Get a smart migration strategy that moves data to fast, secure systems that may be more cost-effective and flexible than where it is today.

  • Decrease Risk

    Data migrations pose significant risk, so team with an expert partner to employ a proven methodology to migrate with confidence.

  • Limit or Avoid Disruption

    A well-planned migration project takes into account any necessary outages while helping maintain business continuity and operational stability.

Proven Data Migration Methodology

cStor's proven Data Migration Methodology ensures your project is well-planned from end-to-end. We employ a rigorous, consultative process that guides you through our assessment, preparation, migration and operational phases.
cStor data migration methodology

Common Data Migration Scenarios

Cloud & Automation

Moving data to the cloud in order to deploy new automation processes takes careful planning and execution expertise to ensure minimal downtime, zero data loss and accuracy within the new business workflows.

Changing Providers

Moving data between cloud providers often requires an advanced, expert team to guide a smooth transition process, and clear business requirements and workflows need to be thoroughly vetted to ensure data accuracy and integrity.

Virtualizing Infrastructure

Moving to a virtualized infrastructure improves elasticity while keeping costs under control, but the migration requires expert support to ensure accuracy, security, user experience and availability remain intact post-launch.

Moving Systems

When you need to move data between systems to support new implementations or upgrades, expert help can ensure a successful data migration plan that keeps the business running at optimal performance around the clock.

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