ManageWise IT Services Delivery Options

Balancing IT Operations & Innovation

cStor offers extensive Managed IT services covering a wide range of products and services with flexible arrangements from 24/7/365 coverage to our ManageWise On-Demand IT Services.

cStor’s ManageWise on-demand services help you balance day-to-day IT operations with innovation and business growth, giving you a flexible, affordable way to administer day-to-day IT support and routine maintenance through endless configuration possibilities based on your specific needs and environment.

Designed to fit your unique business needs and fill gaps in resources and/or expertise, the ManageWise program gives you access to proven IT experts and advanced technologies so you can increase efficiency and competitiveness while still controlling overall IT costs. Now you can stay focused on your core business while we handle the rest.

Offering Multiple IT Services on Your Terms

Comprehensive Managed IT Services Offerings

Flexible Delivery Options

Fully-Managed IT Services

On-Demand IT Support

Proactive & Scheduled Services

Flexible Scheduling

Areas of Services Expertise

Modern Data Center Services

Cybersecurity Services

IT Infrastructure Modernization Services

Managed Cloud Services

Microsoft 365 Services

Balancing Technology with Innovation is No Small Task

IT is out of balance

Learn How ManageWise is Working for Your Peers

Download the ManageWise Electric Utility Company Case Study

ManageWise Power Company Case Study

Download the ManageWise Public School District Case Study

ManageWise School District Case Study

Download the ManageWise On-Demand IT Services Overview

ManageWise Managed IT Services - cStor

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Monitoring Services

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