Safeguarding Your Business with Continuity and Recovery Solutions

Emergencies happen, environments go down, but the business must continue to operate. Our experts help you create a business continuity plan and disaster recovery program that leverages cloud-based solutions to help ensure your organization remains operational, even during emergencies.

From small firms to large enterprises, moving towards a comprehensive business continuity and cloud-based disaster recovery strategy can be very cost-effective. It’s critical to create an assessment of your current plan and environment. Once that’s complete, our team can accurately evaluate various cloud models to help deliver true high availability for your infrastructure and resources.

Is your organization prepared for what may lie ahead?

Steps to Create Your Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plan

Identify Key Personnel

Assess Risks & Impact

Outline Target RTOs* & RPOs*

Establish SLAs to Meet RTOs & RPOs

Create Step-by-Step Protocols

Identify Critical Data Assets & Backup Locations

Prioritize Emergency Communications

Find & Fix Vulnerabilities

*How long your company can afford to be offline (Recovery Time Objective, or "RTO") and how much data loss it can tolerate (Recovery Point Objective, or "RPO").

Key Components of Your Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plan

Confidential / Compliant Data

How confidential and compliant does your data need to be, both in transit and at rest?

Secure Backup Strategy

Separate from compliance, what physical, electronic and network measures are in place?

Recovery Strategy

What are your recovery time objectives (RTOs) for files, servers and your data center?

Cloud Server Backup

Can an expert partner help recover data faster with cloud server backups?

Servers or SANs

Can you co-locate backup servers or SANs to recover data over the network back to your equipment?

Automation & Infrastructure

What man-hours are needed to restore failed backups? Is your monitoring automated?
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