CONVERGED INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTIONS Learn more about converged systems:
consolidation, integration, performance,
and reduced management costs.
CONVERGED INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTIONS Learn more about converged systems:
consolidation, integration, performance,
and reduced management costs.

Where legacy and modern meet to move you forward faster

Organizations have always had business applications and today those applications generate terabytes of data. IT has traditionally deployed resources in silo-like fashion, with one set of resources devoted to compute, one set devoted to data storage and so on.  Each resource typically supports a single application or set of applications that cannot be optimized or reconfigured as business needs evolve.

cStor supports the best-of-breed Converged Infrastructure solutions that help solve the problem of siloed architectures and IT sprawl by pooling and sharing IT resources to help modernize IT infrastructure. That means you can be prepared for whatever tomorrow brings.

converged infrastructure solutions from cStor


Converged Infrastructure solutions operate by grouping multiple information technology (IT) components that include compute, storage, network and virtualization layers into a consolidated and optimized stack.

Architected and pre-validated to reduce deployment time, project risk, and the cost of IT, Converged Infrastructure provides both technical and business efficiencies. These gains stem in part from the pre-integration and pre-validation of technology components. Converged Infrastructure further contributes to efficient data centers by enhancing the ability of private cloud computing systems to handle enormous data sets, making it the cornerstone of building a private cloud.

The right CI solutions are hypervisor agnostic, giving you the ability to choose the hypervisor you want, the capability to have multiple hypervisors.

While virtualization dramatically improves server utilization, smart businesses know that they must unify their computing, storage, network and virtualization resources for maximum efficiency. That is the beauty and efficiency of a Converged Infrastructure. This type of architecture also provides the basis for building a private cloud. cStor provides the integrated technology and services to truly transform your data center from the inside out.

Areas of expertise
  • Servers
  • Storage
  • Virtualization
  • Applications
  • Infrastructure Management & Automation
  • Networking

Our experienced, certified professionals take the time to understand your business requirements so we can deliver a fully optimized data center architecture for a variety of mixed workloads in both virtualized and non-virtualized environments. We will also provide deployment workbooks to ensure a successful implementation and knowledge transfer for your team.

With a thoughtful strategy, we can speed your transition to a service-enabled cloud infrastructure using a single data center platform that integrates industry-leading computing, storage, virtualization and networking resources into a flexible architecture. A pre-validated and pre-tested solution reduces risk while streamlining your environment—from administration through the end-user experience—for maximum efficiency. Yet it’s flexible enough to grow with you as your business evolves.

In fact, we drill down to the last detail to ensure that, at the end of the project, your data center will be the efficient and agile environment you need it to be—while helping you meet SLAs and reduce costs.


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Ability to customize or “flex” the environment to suit a customer’s requirements: More Compute? More Storage? No problem.

Sample Title

A storage system capable of serving multiple protocols across a single interface allows for customer choice and investment protection because it truly is a wire-once architecture.

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Converged Infrastructure solutions are hypervisor agnostic, you choose the virtualization platform that’s right for you.

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An ecosystem of partners: Cisco and NetApp, strong relationships among best-in-class alliance partners.

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