Secure Gateways

Secure Gateways Protect Vulnerable Attack Vectors

Secure gateways in key locations help protect traffic flowing from your users to external networks and vice versa—by email or the web—so everything passes first through the gateway for evaluation. The traffic is monitored for malicious code, user/non-user attempted URL connections, web application use, email infiltration and more.

Our cybersecurity experts create a smart gateway security solution based on your unique environment, designed to block malicious traffic. Even more, gateway security can be deployed as hardware, virtual devices, or cloud-based SaaS applications.

Are you comfortable with your secure gateway strategy?

Key Features of an Advanced Gateway Security Solution

Encrypted Traffic Evaluation

Support for All Protocols

Data Loss Prevention

Security Monitoring Integration

Web & Email Traffic Filtering

Business Email Compromise (BEC) Protection

Remote Browser Isolation

Content Disarm & Reconstruction

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