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Is a Private Cloud Right for You? Balancing Service, Access & Security

While the cloud helps reduce costs and improve flexibility, for many companies, security, availability and regulatory issues pose significant challenges. In such cases, a private cloud is an ideal solution to derive business benefit without compromising on security or performance. Private clouds are flexible in any business and development condition – from focused development to dedicated deployment initiatives.


Operational Cost Reduction

Improved Service Quality

Improved Delivery Timeline

IT Services Automation

Redeploy Valuable IT Resources

Implementation Options

Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), a development of the virtualization process, allows for rapid provisioning in a few hours.

Software as a Service

Software as a service (SaaS), allows for pay-as-you-go based on usage, delivered through a pool of servers working through virtual machine management software.

Self-Regulation & Return System

Private testing and QA environments allows for environments to test concurrent user load, and leveraged by other resources to help reduce costs.