Create an Actionable Analytics Engine to Move Forward Faster

Data continues exploding, but making sense of it and using it to your organization’s competitive advantage is another story.

As you evaluate your data and information needs as a company, you’ll learn the right approach for an optimized and integrated infrastructure strategy that can support the capture, consolidation, management, protection, insights and actionable outcomes necessary to align with your business objectives

Our big data and analytics consultants will assess your environment, systems and processes to help identify the capabilities necessary to create a successful analytics engine unique to your firm. And our best-of-breed portfolio of technologies and partnerships mean we can also help operationalize your data analytics to propel your business forward faster.

Big Data Can Also Mean Big Challenges


 of organizations are unsure how to get measurable value from big data


find defining a big data strategy to be a top challenge


say big data skills are scarce and expensive

180 Zettabytes

 how much data the world will create by 2025

IOT Data

by 2025 will be as big as all data created in 2020

20 billion

number of connected IOT devices by 2020

Sources: Gartner Big Data Buying Behavior Research for HPE, 2013; Lopez Research, Jan. 2015; IDC, Mid-Year IOT Review Webcast, Aug. 4, 2016

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