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Successful Digital Transformation Strategy Includes a Holistic View of DevOps

DevOps is a business game changer.  The cultural shift in combining operations, application development processes and people into one unified effort drives new revenue and customer service capabilities that take days rather than months to deploy.

Not only is DevOps one of the biggest trends impacting today’s business, but it is increasingly seen as an integral part of helping organizations move faster and better compete in the marketplace. According to Everest Group’s 2016 annual report on application services, DevOps will play a key role in Digital Transformation strategies for many companies.

The Critical Components of a Successful DevOps Strategy

Automated Delivery Pipeline

Push code, verify artifacts, deploy to production, then automate in a version control system

Configuration Management

Externalize configuration concerns from source code into a config file

Regular Integration

Deploy applications into environments where they will interact with other applications

Automated Health Checks

Leverage automation to identify issues before they are noticed to minimize user impact

Identify a Firefighter

Identify a ‘first responder’ who can fact-find, resolve and report on all issues

Infrastructure as Code

Treat the entire infrastructure as code, adding best practices and standardizing everywhere

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