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Business is Moving Fast. The Need for Agility is More Important Than Ever.

IT is being asked to be an innovative service broker for the business, but legacy systems and processes, not to mention confusion about strategy, are all holding them back. Are you wondering:

  • Do I build a software-defined data center, a private cloud, or move workloads into public clouds?
  • Which providers should I choose?
  • What about security?
  • How will I effectively manage it all?

The tsunami of change can be overwhelming, so having the right partner at your side can make the difference between stalling out or speeding forward.

Smart Tactics for Successfully Leveraging ITAAS

Use Layering to Deliver Applications

With layering, operating systems and all applications can be packaged separately and then combined using a file system and registry virtualization.

Use Next-Generation Arrays for Storage

Successful projects depend on high-performance storage. The newer storage solutions also recognize that virtual infrastructure administrators live in the world of vCenter and SCVMM.

Offload Management of One-Off Apps

End users can be trusted to install their own apps without worrying about interfering with system or application layers, taking the burden off IT staff who are then better equipped to operationalize.

Empower Service Desk with More

Empower your tier 1 service desk to handle desktop break/fix as well as backup/recovery to simplify management and speed issue resolution without disrupting the business.

Reduce Management Consoles to One

A simple, comprehensive virtual desktop management and mobility solution is needed to make systems in the cloud easy to manage for lean IT staffs and Tier 1 administrators.

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