Leverage the Speed & Flexibility of the Cloud

Leveraging the cloud means understanding your business’ unique drivers: from your existing workloads, enterprise applications and dev environment, to your speed, productivity and security requirements. They’re all central to designing an effective, flexible, optimized and secure cloud infrastructure strategy.

cStor takes a cloud-agnostic approach to design a clear migration roadmap using the 6 R’s of cloud strategy: retiring, retaining, rehosting, replatforming, refactoring, and re-architecting. Whether it’s a private, public or hybrid model, you’ll realize the cost-effective advantages, and benefit from best-in-class strategies and technologies.

Your competitors are maximizing the cloud… are you?

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The Expertise You Need to Fuel Growth

Cloud Strategy

Get the consulting expertise you need to architect, design & implement a clear plan that works for you.

Cloud Security

Architect cloud security, identity & compliance from the ground up, into every facet of your strategy.

Cloud Migration

Move to the cloud with confidence to reap its scalability, cost, performance & security benefits.

Cloud Backup

Protect data & applications with a smart cloud backup framework, audit & recovery process.

Cloud Services

Get your company ready for everything in IT as a service, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, FaaS, B/DRaaS and IaC.


Assign the right resources to workloads & applications, optimize DevSecOps, CI/CD & Blue-Green deployments.

Explore the Benefits of cStor's Cloud Infrastructure Design

Cloud Agnostic

Leverage the benefits of best-in-class cloud solutions without getting locked in.

Flexible + Scalable

Manage today while planning for growth tomorrow.

Fast + Optimized

Deliver fast and efficient workloads anytime, anywhere.

Secure Backups

Immutable backups and a fast restore plan prepare you for anything.

Advanced Security

Build security into every cloud layer, beyond any single vendor solution.


Use the best of public, private and hybrid cloud to meet your unique needs.

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More than half of enterprise IT spending will shift to cloud by 2025 (increase from 41% in 2022)


Anticipated enterprise IT spend shifting to the cloud by 2025


Nearly two-thirds of application software spend will be on cloud technologies


Anticipated worldwide public cloud end-user spending by 2025

*Source: Gartner

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