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Technology Chickens and Strategy Eggs… Are You Confused About Which Comes First?

Technology Chickens and Strategy Eggs… Are You Confused About Which Comes First?

Technology Chicken Strategy EggWhat if you could create a strategic roadmap to transform your business, would you do it?

Allowing technology to drive your transformation strategy is a recipe for higher costs, less than optimal solutions and elongating the transformation efforts. For example, think about the many wasted years some folks spend developing a DevOps process that is still a struggle and doesn’t quickly create the new revenue-generating applications that are the end goal!

There is a better way. A transformational strategy roadmap aligned to the business, not technology, is critical to maximizing ROI, minimizing risk and friction and driving new revenue-generating apps. Knowing what applications are moveable, where they can be moved to, and building a hybrid operations model that works is how you effectively leverage new and evolving technology capabilities.

Understanding when and how to integrate security into the DevOps process is music to the risk managers, application owner’s and executive’s ears. Comprehending what’s required for backup, DR and data movement is just a “wow” opportunity with revolutionary potential when you implement the “correct how” in technology solutions.

Understanding all that machine and behavioral data and aligning the “G2” you have to what’s possible is a huge competitive differentiator. The key is to start with an aligned plan, executive agreement and a process to make it happen.

That’s the cStor way – differentiate for success . . . start with the business goals and imperatives and develop the roadmap for successful execution. The technology roadmap, which solution architects create, will eventually come.

There is value in technology-driven by the business, not the other way around. If you understand and have the ability to create a business roadmap to effectively transform your business, do it. It’s not easy and you will need help, but better to start now than be replaced later.

About Bill Holgate
As Director of Solution Architects, Bill leads team efforts to design and execute comprehensive, integrated solutions that focus on solving clients’ most complex technology challenges around data center, cybersecurity and digital transformation.
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